Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dreaming of Snakes

Last night I had a dream. I was walking alone in a field when I saw a tree in the distance. The tree had a lot of branches and the branches had a lot of big green leaves on them. The tree was very full and its width was almost the same as its height.

As I got closer, I began to hear a song. It was a simple melody repeated over and over. As I got even closer, I noticed that there was a small snake sticking out from among the branches and leaves. The snake's head, and the first few feet of its body, were swaying back and forth in time with the music. It almost seemed like the music was coming from the snake. Although the snake was extending from the tree in my direction, I was not afraid of it. I sat down near the tree and listened to the song, which I found to be very pleasing and captivating.

Soon, I noticed that there was another snake in the tree. It was a much larger snake. This snake was to the left of the small snake and a little higher up. At first I just saw its head. Then the large snake began to move its head and part of its body along with the music and in time with the small snake. I saw that the large snake was extending much further from the tree than the small snake and I became afraid of it. I got up on my hands and feet, still facing the tree, and began to move away. The snake then lunged at me so I got up and ran away. The snake caught up to me and attacked me. I died.

The Song

I made a recording of the snake song, as I remember it from my dream. It's in SnakesDreamSong.mp3. It's just over a minute long. The volume starts at zero and it gradually gets louder. This represents the way I heard it as I approached. The end fades away, and represents the time when I ran away from the snake.


I had watched a show on the History Channel before I went to sleep. It was "Sex in the Bible" and the topic of snakes was discussed more than once. I had also played EverQuest that night. If you get within a certain distance of a low level creature, it may not attack. But if you get near a higher level creature, it will.

Possible Interpretations

1. Sometimes you repent for the small sins in your life and don't realize the big sins you continue to commit until it's too late.

2. Snakes travel together. So if you take up with one, thinking they're not too bad, realize that they may have friends that are much worse. Snakes could represent people, or risky behavior like drugs, sex or gambling.

3. You might be managing to deal with the small snakes in your life while the big snakes go unnoticed or ignored. The snakes could be relationships, finances, or health matters.


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