Saturday, January 17, 2009


Here are two warnings about computer viruses. Beware!


There is a new computer bug going around that claims to be Barack Obama's acceptance speech. It was started by a bunch of criminals in the Ukraine All it will do is send them all your pertinent information. If you receive an E-mail claiming to be Barack Obama's acceptance speech DO NOT OPEN IT. DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY! Spread this around to everyone you know. It is true and has been valid ated on the Snopes Web Site. There are other subject lines that also contain viruses. They are noted on the Snopes site.

Snopes -- they say it's real. See :


Hackers are sending spoof YouTube messages to users to say they have been caught on a spy cam and the video has been posted on the internet. The scam aims to trick users into clicking the link to the video.

The messages appear to have been sent from YouTube and has led to a malware strain detected as Autodelete.G. If the user clicks the attached link a vicious bug gets automatically downloaded.



Read more about YouTube at!

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