Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drawing Heaven~ This is amazing!

Happy Valentine's Day, 2010!

This email arrived a few weeks back. It is a great email for Valentine's Day. It is all about a young girl who says she is able to paint what Heaven looks like. The girl's name is Akiane Kramarik and you can read all about her at her website:

This is from her latest blog entry:

I had the honor of meeting hundreds of scholars from all over the world. The cumulative years of all their studies would mount up to some twenty five thousand years.

The odd fact is that they still disagree about the origin and the future of humanity, they still debate and debunk each other’s speculations, they still accuse each other of insufficient or inaccurate findings, they still insult each other with belittling and prideful commentaries and conclusions.

I choose not to be involved in such debates and arguments, especially if they are profit or control orientated. So much of scholarly work is done based only on prejudice and self-interests.

Conclusions and firm convictions hurt us if they are based on control—breading untold tragedies. Read More...

Now, here is the email as I received it.


Do you believe God uses the talents of people to tell His story?

This is amazing!

This CNN clip is awesome and well worth the 3 minutes it take to view it.
The images of God painted by a 12 year old child. She started painting at age 4.
Her Mother is an atheist so God was never discussed in their home.
She gives God the credit for her talent as she has never had an art lesson.
This 3 minute clip from CNN is phenomenal.

There is the video from YouTube:

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