Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Christmas Stamp - Not Really

Here's an email I got a few days ago.  It's about a new Muslim Christmas stamp.  Sounds strange, right? Well here is the email, and then I'll comment.


They don’t believe in Christ but get their own Christmas stamp. What is happening to us?


Kaleidoscope Flowers StampsDon't buy this stamp! It is pretty, but keep reading! Will be available November 1, 2013

President Obama has directed the United States Postal Service to remember and honor the EID Muslim holiday season with a new commemorative 46 Cent First Class Holiday Postage Stamp.

The new stamp is the second MUSLIM stamp, and celebrates a Muslim holiday!

If there is only ONE thing you Forward today, let it be this
REMEMBER to adamantly BOYCOTT this stamp when you purchase stamps anywhere. All you have to say is, "No thank you, I do not want a Muslim stamp on my letters!"

Buy our US flag stamp instead, please!

Pass this along to every Patriotic American you know and get the word out!
Honor the United States of America


Yes, it's fine to honor the USA.  We have freedom of choice here, so put whatever stamp you like on your cards and letters.  But don't believe what this email says about this particular stamp!

It is a Kaleidoscope Flowers Stamp and you can read all about it on this United States Postal Service web page: http://about.usps.com/news/national-releases/2013/pr13_002.htm. It has nothing to do with any religion.

Snopes says that there is an EID stamp, which celebrates the Muslim holiday of EID and not Christmas, but you have to ask for it since it is generally a specialty item.  Read the snopes article on this email, here: http://www.snopes.com/politics/stamps/eidstamp.asp

Bottom Line - Don't believe everything you get in emails or read on the internet.  Research for yourself and make up your own mind on all issues, large and small.


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